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Having traded the world’s major hobbies and collectibles products for almost a decade, MTG Mint Card always strives to push the boundaries and explore new potentials of their products; today, we partner with brand owners and distribute card game products within Greater China market with total solution.

Our formula for success…our “secret sauce”…isn’t really a secret. We hire incredibly bright people who are super passionate about the business. We give them the opportunities to work on some really cool projects and offer them much flexibility to develop better ways of helping our partners sell their products continuously. We’ve been redefining distribution in China since we first established our team; we’ve been working with brand owners to stay on the top of this dynamic market.

We’re changing with it. You’ll find our team members up late, finding ways to make the latest changes from China’s market to our partners’ benefits. And “good enough” is simply not good enough at MTG Mint Card; our people work tirelessly and continue to push until everything is alright.

You want great technology? We’ve built it.

You want relationships? We’ve successfully built them.

You want connections? We’ve got them as well.

But at the end of day, what you need more than anything else are people on whom you can rely. A team of people who inspires confidence, day in and day out. A team that will help you.

Sing Tsang
Executive Director, MTGMintCard Ltd.


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