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Each of the retailers is assigned with an account in the Secured Ordering System, by which they can gain access to our intranet and place orders directly. Retailers only need to go through a few simple steps in the System to place an order. For any changes made in the electronic order form, our colleagues at the back-end can be acknowledged through the System on a real-time basis. The System not only minimizes communication error, but also enhances efficiency by saving the workload of both retailers and our salespersons.

Ordering and Logistic Model


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Apart from placing orders, the System acts as an information sharing platform between the retailers and us. The System is linked to our database, which contains a wide range of useful data, including comprehensive product information of each brand, details of latest events and activities, as well as marketing materials such as demo play, outreach program and tournament hosting. Effective use of such data enables well-planned order placement and efficient store management.
Information Dispatching and Feedback Model


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On the other hand, we are able collect some key statistics directly from the retailers, while they keep placing orders through the System. Such statistics include sales data, event results, conversion rate, etc. Our business analysts perform analytics based on the system data from time to time, from which we can see the market trend and better understand the customers’ behavior. The insight gained from factual findings is definitely crucial for the success of our marketing plans.


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