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Traditionally, distributors rely on wholesalers as their distribution channels, which consume unnecessary time and effort throughout the selling process. Instead of applying the traditional methodology, we build up a neat and effective selling model, which skips the wholesaler layers. Our own distribution model not only maximizes our product’s potential, but also helps us better understand and manage the Greater China market.

Traditional Distribution Model


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MTGMintCard's Distribution Model


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Under the traditional model, wholesalers act as an agent between distributor and retail stores, who assemble orders and resell products in smaller lots. We consider these wholesaler functions to be redundant, which can be integrated into distributor’s routine business. Such integration can streamline the selling process, and make the us less remote from the market.

We assign designated relationship manager for each of the retail stores to have direct contacts with the retailers. We go to the front line to listen to the retailers’ feedback in person. That’s why we are able to collect first-hand market data, and assess the effectiveness of our marketing strategies promptly and accurately. As such, we can react and fine-tune our tactics once the market environment changes.


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